About Us

Kirk is first and foremost a lead generation agency. We provide all of the services of traditional ad agencies, PR firms and digital agencies with an important difference: Everything we do is centered on generating sales leads or web sales for your organization.

The primary way we do this is by creating state-of-the-art, search engine optimized websites, and dynamic, highly optimized visual and copy content for your website, off-page sites and for social media. The result is rapidly rising rankings on Google for specific search terms which correspondingly create increased site traffic from prospects typing in those terms.

Working closely with clients, we set benchmarks, define measurements for success and deliver clear, concise reports that make it easy for our clients to track the work we do.


Nate Tennant had more than a decade of experience as a marketing director, working for Fortune 500 technology companies, when he founded Kirk Communications in 2005. At the time he knew three things:
  • Search engine optimization and digital marketing based on Google searches would soon dominate marketing efforts.
  • The same level of software sophistication and flexibility Google uses to operate it's search engine would need to be developed to help business climb Google's rankings quickly.
  • It would take large numbers of people to do the necessary linking, back linking and off-page placement that truly effective search engine optimization requires.

Working closely with Anoop Rohera, an India based technologist at the leading edge of search engine optimization development, Kirk opened an India office with a full time, 25-person staff that brings an unprecedented level of cost-effectiveness to the manual aspects of search efforts as well as highly-skilled web developers and IT professionals.

Kirk also enlisted the skills of two MIT trained software engineers who developed the very first search engine applications at Alta Vista. Working closely with the software team in India, they developed robust and highly flexible software applications that allow Kirk to help clients climb the Google search ranks quickly to improve lead generation and web based sales. This proprietary software is also flexible enough to keep pace with Google's constant changes.

Kirk's staff in the U.S. consists of program managers, business developers and industry leading designers, writers, videographers and creative directors.

Combine the India staff, the software and the U.S. team and the result is Fortune 500, enterprise-level search engine optimization, web design and development as well as traditional marketing services that are affordable to small and medium size businesses.

Like the pieces of a pie, "Marketing is increasingly becoming a complicated game of strategy. Make the right move and you can dominate a market. Make the wrong one, and you can end up behind your competition."

Nate Tennant,
CEO, Kirk Communications
Web Design Agency & SEO Company in NH