Key Word Buys

“Key Word Buys”

Last month we talked about the importance of Google in helping prospects find your company. In addition to the optimization of certain key words, you may also want to augment this with paid key word ads. These ads appear on the right hand column of most search engines when a phrase or word is searched for. Until a few years ago, getting first page placement of a paid key word ad was easy. However, today there is fierce competition for most key words and with limited advertising space getting top placement is difficult. To increase your paid key word ranking here are a few tips to lower your cost while increasing your ranking.

Make Each Word Count
Ads are generally limited to 1024 characters so you need to make every character count. Use contractions and symbols. For example use the symbol “&” instead of spelling “and.”

Use Key Words in the Ad
If you use keywords that closely match your company’s product or service your click-through rate will increase. For example, if you are bidding on the term “automobile” and your ad contains that same term, your response will be higher than without the key word.

Create an Active or Action-Oriented Ad
When creating ads, don’t use passive language, instead use action words like “Buy today.”

Use Specifics in Your Ad
Particularly if you are in a consumer business, offer specific benefits of your service such as “Offer ends this month”