Google’s New SearchWiki

The introduction of Google’s New SearchWiki now allows you to customize your search by ranking content, anyone signed into a Google account automatically has use of this feature. What this all means is that Google now allows users to edit the results they see in a search engine results page by adding a star to an item. When searching a term or phrase Google presents the results and places a star directly to the right of each listing. By clicking the star you are ranking this result. If you search a phrase or term and the results show a useful link at position 5 and you click the star this link will automatically appear at the top of your results next time you do the same or similar search.

The only question is what will this do to SEO? There has been massive amount of writing both negative and positive about SearchWiki. How it will effect SEO is truly unknown, one thing is for certain though. SearchWiki is making first impressions more important than ever! Once someone adds a star to your competitor that listing is automatically placed in the number 1 search results position for that individual. With this said it also means that your company could very easily move from position 6 to position 1 for certain individuals.