PPC and Brand

In Google, search the term “Oil Spill” and many other similar phrases and in the top PPC section you will find a link to a BP landing page titled Gulf Of Mexico Response.

Where many companies use PPC search terms as a way to gain new clients and leads, BP is utilizing a PPC campaign to attempt to rebuild its public image. The oil company is receiving a very negative response to their recently launched PPC campaign with many people saying it’s unethical to use PPC to lessen the effect the Gulf Oil spill has had on their brand’s reputation.

With this said it seems BP is not the only company to purchase PPC terms around the words Oil Spill: Bloomberg, several charities, and even political campaigns are purchasing the terms Oil Spills. However where charities such as The Nature Conservancy and Dawn are using PPC to raise money for this horrible disaster BP is using PPC to rebuild it’s public image