Pick the Right Social Media Strategy

There’s a vast and confusing array of social media services out there, from Twitter and Tumblr to Bebo and blogs.

But there’s no point trying to focus on all of them, or your social media marketing won’t concentrate on anything.

That’s where Kirk Communications can help with all your online communications. We follow the rise and ebb of different social media sites, to tailor your social marketing to increase site traffic.

For example, if you’re trying to focus on teenage consumers, then you’re not likely to reach them on LinkedIn. And depending on the country you’re targeting, perhaps Orkut might be worth considering over Facebook, if you want to reach Indians or Brazilians where the site is very popular.

The same holds true for business professionals, with many Germans using Xing, not LinkedIn for career networking and recruitment – it’s the kind of detail that makes all the difference when it comes to lead generation.

For business users, insightful blog posts will catch readers’ attention, if you employ search engine optimization to tailor your organic seo message effectively.

Your blog content could then be the foundation for a whole series of other social media services that draw attention to it, for example by using Twitter to release links back to the blog post with key phrases from the contents.

And once the reader likes what they see in that blog post, they can seek ways to look for future posts, by following you on Twitter, adding your blog to an RSS feed or subscribing to email lists – it’s all part of relationship marketing.

The same rules apply to video hosting sites like YouTube – they’re not just the place for funny videos but can be a great way to visually demonstrate your services by offering examples of what you do that will draw appreciation and sales lead generation from a new audience.