Unrewarding Searches?

If you are like most working people, keeping up with all the changes on Google, Yahoo and Bing can be daunting, even if you work in the industry. With so much content being developed, it is no wonder that many of the searches on Google are serving up garbage. For popular searches you will often have to wade through 3 to 4 pages of content farm junk to find what you want. To combat this problem, Google recently unveiled a new feature that is supposed to help users clean up search results.

As part of Google Chrome Extension, Google gives you the ability to block certain domains from coming up on your searches. Once you have blocked a domain, you have the option to block or unblock this domain. It is our feeling that Google is getting the wider public to help identify low quality websites and content farms. Our guess is that Google is going to start cracking down on these sites hard so that users are only served up legitimate content.

So, keep you content, clean and legitimate on your site.