SEO Company NH

Looking for an SEO Company in NH? Any firm doing business on the internet needs a strong local and national partner for Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately, few firms have the technical depth or the resources to do SEO properly. As an SEO Company in NH, Kirk Communications brings both the technical depth and expertise to our clients. Before you hire a SEO Company NH, there are eight criteria that you should look at before making this decision.

1. Anaytics: Kirk Communications, an SEO company in NH was the founder of one of the leading SEO analytics packages on the market, Jungle Torch. Jungle Torch allows us to conduct a complete analysis of your site that our competitors can’t do.

2. Labor: Good SEO is labor intensive. Kirk is the only SEO agency NH with an international office that allows us to put hundreds of man hours into an SEO project without breaking the bank. Unlike others who might claim to have this resource, we have our own Kirk employees located around the world in Kirk offices.

3. Experience: Kirk has been the SEO provider of global companies like, Dorcy Direct and local companies like Atlantic Plastic Surgery.

4. Experienced Web Development: Almost 90 percent of the websites that we encounter require that we make changes to the code. Otherwise known as “White Hat SEO” we have a full time development staff that deals with the technical issues of SEO.

5. SEO Content: SEO content is king. Unfortunately, many SEO Companies in New Hampshire do not have a single writer on staff. We know that good SEO requires diligence, patience and good writing. That is why as part of any SEO engagement we have professional writers that know how to write to get your company ranked highly.

6. SEO Metrics: As an SEO company NH, we see companies being fed reports that don’t show how they are really doing. As part of our ethical SEO practices, we deliver SEO reports to companies that show the number of visitors, the key word ranking month over month and the number of searches and traffic that the key words is driving to your site. This is the only metric that should matter to you, the customer. If you are not seeing a report that shows key words with high numbers of searches and you are not ranking for those searches, it is time to find another SEO company.

7. SEO Strategy: SEO strategy is a continually evolving process. If Google, Yahoo and Bing never changed their algorithms, then theoretically we would all be in the same position in the search engines. Of course we know this is impossible, that is why we customize our strategy for each client. Some clients might require more SEO writing while others may need more SEO video and SEO linking. This might include both inbound and outbound linking.

8. Morals: Over 20 Billion is expected to be spent on SEO by companies in the United States in the calendar year 2011. With so much money being spent on SEO, we continually see every SEO scam in the book. Make sure your SEO firm is well vetted, and that the firm has a solid track record of delivering results.