Website Design and Development – Does it matter?

Time and time again, we pick of up the pieces from website design and development companies that have built beautifully designed websites but that do nothing for their customers. There are four main issues that we see with current Website Design and Development companies.

1. No Mobile – Any site designed today needs to be viewable on a host of machines and devices. That includes Android devices, Apple devices etc. Most website design and development companies do not have the staff to adequately

2. SEO – SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term that is loosely tossed about by Website Design and Development Agencies. Most Website Design and Development companies might add Meta tags but do so with no input on what are the correct key words. This type of junior SEO will do nothing for the clients web traffic.

3. Website Design and Development – What is the point of a fancy website if no one can find it? We see this happen again and again. Sites that takes 12 months to build, with fancy graphics and the site is invisible to the outside world.

If you are thinking thinking about the Website Design and Development project, you need to take a careful look at these three points so that your website can be a success.