SEO Consultancy – 5 Criteria for Success

SEO consultancy is a broad term that is thrown around by alot of people that are not qualied to be optimizing anything. In a world with 9, 15 and 20 % unemployment there are lots of people picking up books on SEO consulting and trying to pitch there services to those willing to listen. Unfortunately, good SEO is tough work requiring not only a strong back ground in SEO but also website design and development and creative writing.

A good SEO consultancy will be able to measure a dramatic increase in qualified traffic to a persons website. Don’t be fooled by keywords that you might rank high for but that have no search volume.

Bad SEO Tricks
Many SEO consultants will simply add on geographic descriptors onto a clients keyword. For example, lets say you are looking for appliances. If you are an appliance center, key words like wash machines for sale might be a good key word because of its high search volume. An SEO consultant with few resources might add in wash machines in NY. This is an easy term to rank well for, unfortunately, there are few searches for this word.

SEO is hard work. A good SEO consultancy should be able to demonstrate that they have real employees working on your behalf.

There is a huge lack of trust in the industry. A good SEO consultancy should be able to show plenty of video testimonials of happy customers and also show a huge roster of long-term clients.

A good SEO consultancy will employ technology at all levels of their SEO process.