Deploy SEO Across Your Entire Company

Having an SEO strategy is important, however, it’s equally as important to deploy the SEO strategy across your entire company. After all you always accomplish more if multiple people are working toward the same goal. Remember that educating people is important, the more people within your company that understand SEO, it’s benefits and your goals the better chance you have of them integrating SEO into their daily routine. Take some time to teach people within your company about SEO, and implement a plan that will allow content on your site to be updated on a regular basis. This could include writing regular blog post, press releases, and updating content on your site so it focuses on keywords.

Whoever is writing your content should completely understand SEO. When writing any content weather it be for a web page or a blog your writers should be including keywords. Don’t forget to teach them that the more times they use a specific keyword the better. It’s also a good idea to stress the importance of press releases to your writers. Putting together a release at least once a month will drastically help SEO. This release like any content should focus on specific keywords and use them as often as possible within a release.

As part of your SEO strategy you should have 5 or 10 keywords from your overall keyword list you’d like to focus on each month.  Focusing on these terms for a period of time longer than a month is fine, however this list of terms should always be shared with people throughout your company. This way they can be used on a daily basis in blogs, press releases, or whatever other content is being posted online.

Remember, the more people within your company who understand SEO the better. The first step to getting SEO deployed throughout your entire company is education.