Content is King

If you are like most website owners or marketing managers, trying to maintain your website is a gargantuan task.  Just keeping up with product updates or updating the site with the latest trade show information can be challenging. But, in an increasingly competitive world of search, you need to do more, much more particularly in the way of good content.

Adding new content to your website on a regular basis

  1. The search engines LOVE to crawl new pages. There is competition for every key word and phrase.  With so much competition, one of the only ways to differentiate sites is to give credit to those sites that are adding content on a daily basis. New content will be indexed and this can place you ahead of your competition.
  2. Adding new content to your site on a regular basis keeps the search engine spider “interested” in your site.  Search engines like sites that add new content and so do your visitors. When search engines find a site that is continually adding new content, they tend to crawl it more boosting your rankings.
  3. More pages mean more content is indexed. Perform any search on Google yahoo and bing and you will be hard pressed to find a site showing up well with just a handful of pages. Sites that are rich in content do well in search.
  4. Content also promotes more inbound links which help your ranking. The more inbound links the higher you will be ranked against your competition.