Online Public Relations

Years ago we had a lot of main stay PR clients.  At that time search didn’t exist and social media was just born.  We were spending a lot of time doing media pitches on relevant topics and stories.  It was time consuming and success was often hit or miss.  Advance forward 5 years and public relations has not gone away, it has just moved online.  When working with a client on building their brand and lead channel we still employ many of the same successful techniques we learned years ago, they have just move online.

Pitches – We often find it easier and more rewarding to do pitches with Online Public Relations.  We can often talk directly to the target writer, by passing editors and news rooms.

Speed – Getting a story often took months, today we can do it in a week from the pitch to the final publication of the story.

Value- With Online public relations, we can better leverage a story in both the social media space and for organic SEO.  When we get a story posted online we can create valuable links back to the client site.  These are gold not only in terms of visibility but also for search positioning.

Our online public relations world has changed but for the better.  We are able to do pr better, faster and cheaper for our clients with better results.