Hiring a Craigslist NH SEO consultancy? What you don’t know can hurt you.

You hired a low-cost SEO strategist or low-rent charge-by-the-keyword SEO consultancy because you had neither the time nor the inclination to figure out what search engine optimization is all about. Your NH SEO “expert” chose keywords and sprinkled them throughout your site. You also heard something mentioned about meta tags and back links. But as far as you were concerned SEO was “handled.” On to more important business.

A few short months ago, you didn’t necessarily need to know anything about SEO, or become your own SEO franchise. All you needed to know is that your search results were going up along with your leads or sales. Take that same approach now and it could land you in hot water with Google.

We’re based in New Hampshire and when it comes to NH SEO, We’re seeing an epidemic of companies who have hired Craigslist NH SEO consultants who are either knowingly or unknowingly infecting SEO for their clients by doing the old tried and true methods. Namely, loading up the web with low quality back links and throwing keywords in the site and in off-page links and praying that some of them stick.

Things have changed: only a few months ago, the worst an SEO consultant could do was not move you up in search positions. Today, Google knows when a disreputable or incompetent SEO strategist has played games with your site and they’ll punish you for it. That leaves you with two choices: Put the best, most meaningful content you can on your site, in your blogs and in other off-page content, or hire a combination web design agency and SEO consultancy that offers good content writing and also has the technology, people and experience to make SEO work.

Google is watching.