Localize Your SEO

As a marketing agency in NH, we are always working with clients that have to market at both a local level and a national level. That balance between localization and nationalization is always a fine line. You always want to be seen locally, but you don’t want this to dominate your SEO efforts. If you company has a goal to expand beyond state borders then you need a national strategy as well.

Focus beyond your borders
When looking at your keyword strategy, don’t overweight your key words on a local level. Many NH SEO firms will put localization ahead terms that could get your more business nationally. You might show up well locally but that won’t help your business grow outside the borders of your own state.

Make your site National and International
At Kirk a good set of customers reside outside the US. Our site is designed to be easily found and navigated to those living outside the United States. This strategy has enable us to go beyond just web design NH. Or doing SEO NH.

Keep it Simple
As an NH SEO company who has been doing SEO NH for years, we always recommend to our clients to keep their sites, simple and easy to navigate. Design is important but if the website can’t be found and navigated easily then you have wasted the time and effort to get a perspective client there. Navigation elements should follow a standard, either top or side navigation. Anything outside of this structure means that your clients who might not always be web savy will have to figure out where to go. By that time you may have lost the perspective customer. In short, keep your site, simple, focused on a global customers.