Got a laptop? Got a Car? A web development franchise might be for you

It costs about $500,000 to open a Planet Fitness and you need $1.5 million in assets. Too expensive? A Dunkin Donuts will set you back around $400,000 and that doesn’t count the real estate.

If these costs are way out of line but you still want to invest in a franchise, investing in an SEO franchise or Web franchise may be right for you. Right now, there are thousands of small to medium businesses out there trying to work with small mom and pop web companies that can no longer do the job right simply because they don’t have the resources, skills and technology to do a good job anymore. That has businesses frustrated as they try to build sophisticated e-commerce sites, or search engine optimized sites that also encompass social media. Businesses are also getting burned on search engine optimization from overseas and local companies that are nothing but scam operations at worst, or people that just don’t know what they’re doing at best.

At Kirk Communications, we’ve recognized this desperate need that small to medium size business have to get good, high-quality web services from a nationally ranked web franchise instead of people who work out of their basement office at home.  We have software engineers, development teams, writers and designers. They can build sophisticated new e-commerce sites. Improve existing site (in any software language) and can do the job quickly on time and on budget.

When you own a Kirk Communications web development franchise, you simply take sales leads that we give you, visit these potential clients, take orders and give the job to us to complete.  All you need is a laptop, some basic web knowledge, some sales skills, a car and less than five figures to get started.  A web franchise and SEO franchise from Kirk Communications is the low cost way to get into a ground floor business that people and small to medium businesses are desperately seeking. For more information, visit: