New Hampshire Marketing. It’s not the same as marketing in many places

New Hampshire marketing is a different animal than marketing in many other states. First, we have hundreds of highly sophisticated technical software and electronics firm that have very specific B-to-B marketing needs. Many are startups and, as such, they have lots of money and an incredible product, but they don’t have any idea how to go about marketing or selling that product.

Surprisingly, many of these startups can’t even recite the actual benefits of their product. We think this is likely because they have so much time designing and building; the actual reason behind the product has been buried. As a New Hampshire marketing company it’s often our job to help these companies. We end up interviewing a lot of people in the company; we take a look the actual product. When we come back to them to say what the main benefits of their product is, it often provoke heated discussions within the company about whether goals have shifted, or if there aren’t other things that there product needs to do.

As a New Hampshire marketing company, we often see companies, who finish a product, only to realize before their first trade show or event that they have no marketing materials whatsoever. During these times, we jump in and do everything at hyper warp, just to get them something to put into people’s hands before they hit the road.

Another important aspect of New Hampshire marketing is that the seacoast area is a haven for refugee copywriters, art directors, web designers and other talented marketing and advertising people who left New York and Boston to practice their craft here. That means there is an awful lot of creative and strategic talent in the area when it comes to New Hampshire marketing.