The SEO company you don’t know can hurt you

Beware the fly-by-night SEO company. We meet with people all the time who have spent years building valuable e-commerce sites only to be done in by one unscrupulous SEO NH company.

Take for example, the company who hired an SEO company that promised to add 29,000 back links per month to their site in order to boost their position on Google. Of course, Google was on to the tactic in a week and de-ranked the site immediately. Kirk was called in to find the thousands of unnatural links, request that they be removed and then contact Google to have the penalty removed.

Then there are the thousands of SEO company con artists who promise to write articles, blogs and off-page press releases for five to ten dollars each and guarantee results “or your money back.”  The problem is that getting your money back for the shoddy NH SEO is the least of your worries compared to the senseless blather these companies post to suspicious and irrelevant websites which tell Google and other search engines that you’re trying to pull a fast one.

So how do you tell a good SEO company from a bad SEO company? First, do some homework. If their website has no address and no listed management people, stay away! If they make wild claims for lost costs that sound to good to be true, stay away! If you get correspondence from an SEO company that is in broken English, stay away. Good SEO is all about words. If an SEO company can’t send you a well-worded email, how will they craft a sensible keyword strategy and well-written content?