What if you built a website and nobody came? It could happen if you don’t hire an SEO company

It happens every day, small, medium and even large companies spend a fortune building fancy new websites. They fuss over the design, whether the drop shadows are in the right place and whether the home page has too much text which would spoil the artistry of the fancy photos that are chosen.

As an NH SEO company we see this kind of effort all the time. Unfortunately, these kinds of sites will not garner high traffic because no one took the time to make sure they are search engine optimized. That means that one of these artsy sites, while looking trendy, cool and hip, are strictly outliers when it comes to getting on the first search page of Google for the best keywords.

Don’t believe us? One only has to look at the Webby Awards, (www.webbyawards.com). Their site is filled with these kinds of sites, honored for their look, but never their searchability.

Today, it really takes fully qualified SEO company to create a high performing search-enabled website that brings in traffic and helps create leads and sales.

In addition to making sure the site’s back end is constructed for search optimization and that photos are tagged and metatags are written properly, an SEO company will take the time to search engine optimize all of the content and making sure there is enough content on every page (including the home page).

As an NH SEO company we always make sure that the websites we create are listed in hundreds of directories with high Larry Page ranks. This is critical to raising you website in Google. We are also one NH SEO company that believes in off-page content creation. Often, we’ll create off-page press releases for use on content related sites. These press releases have keywords in the copy with the proper density and help our clients rise quickly in Google’s search rankings.

Finally, we constantly monitor the metrics that tell us how our clients and their competitors are doing when it comes to Google search engine results pages. Making an SEO company strategy work takes constant vigilance and a willing to change tactics at a moment’s notice when Google changes and algorithm.

At Kirk Communications, we’re an NH SEO company that places extremely high focus on getting search results for our clients. We know, that to get leads and sales from a website, potential customers have to show up, first.