Why the timing is right for an SEO franchise.

Is the timing right to start an SEO franchise? There are thousands of sites out there proclaiming their expertise at SEO. When asked if they do SEO, almost every website design and development company quickly replies with something like, “Yeah…we’re experts at that.”

Here’s the problem, and it’s one that an SEO franchise can solve: Most SEO companies are experts at taking a monthly fee and doing almost nothing for it. They rely on a consistent churn of customers—replacing old angry customers for new, naïve clients. As for the web companies, they probably did a pretty good job of SEO 3-4 years ago. But SEO has gotten much more sophisticated, and therefore much more difficult. Try to do SEO but they don’t have the dedicated expertise, the technology or the desire to do true, advanced metrics-based SEO.

It takes high technology, a staff of literally dozens of experts, dedicated, highly advanced software tools and software engineers that constantly update those tools in order for search engine optimization to more clients to higher pages on search pages. It also takes a highly organized process and the capability to constantly analyze what Google is doing and then take appropriate action.

At the same time, more and more small to mid-size web agencies are relying on WordPress templates to create websites. Because it is increasingly difficult, they no longer have the ability to write code and create responsive sites that work on tablets, smart phones and desktops. Yet companies that need an e-commerce engine, application development and landing pages are clamoring for sophisticated web design and development that demands coding expertise.

What they get is a hodge-podge of semi-competent shops with varying and mostly inconsistent versions of what a good website is and what good search should do.

That makes the timing for operating an advanced SEO franchise (in combination with providing consistent, knowledgeable and sophisticated website design and development) ideal. An SEO franchise would lower costs, increase quality and provide more tools and capital to make running a digital enterprise more profitable, not to mention more satisfying.

At a time when thousands of small businesses are desperately seeking high quality web work as well as SEO that truly works, Kirk is offering SEO franchise opportunities that require a bit of minimal technical understanding, a good laptop and the ability to sell. There’s also a small upfront SEO franchise fee. In turn, Kirk will provide the training, sales leads and all the technical tools to provide SEO franchise operators with excellent work, while providing them with a profitable business!