Say bye-bye to bad blogs.

“I can get a blog from (insert name of off-shore country here) for 10 bucks each.” It’s something we at Kirk website design & development hear clients say from time to time. We also get emails and calls from said offshore companies touting their abilities by saying something like, “We do have the most experience with the SEO bloggering efforts. Please revert for price of this workings.”

The price may be tempting but the content certainly is not, especially now. Google has gotten much more sophisticated about how its algorithms look at website and off-page text. At Kirk website design & development we believe that Google search rankings are becoming biased toward content and the context within that content. Simply put, if it’s written by a good writer, it’s going to rank higher. Another determinant for search is that Google looks at how long people look at given content on the site. If the content is bad, people won’t stick with it very long.

It seems like only yesterday that Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms were sending link farms into bankruptcy as Google issued manual actions against websites that had spammy links from these so-called farms. Now Google has gone even further with its likely ability to tell good writing from bad. We can only expect that Google will get better and better at this.

That’s good news for Kirk website design & development (and our clients). Since 2006, Kirk website design & development has done SEO. But every optimized site and every search engine optimized piece of off page content has been written by a qualified journalist. That is something we will continue to do.