Content Truly is King

“Content is king”…you’ve probably heard the phrase once or twice, muttered around board room meetings or marketing seminars, but have you ever stopped to actually think about it? Your SEO company is right when they tell you that your digital marketing efforts are going by the wayside if you’re not consistently adding fresh, new content to your website, campaigns, and social media.

As a website design and development company, Kirk know that’s you need exciting content to fill out your webpages and bring your site to life. But as an SEO company as well, Kirk understands that content is so much more important than just filling up pages. SEO copy writing is important for two main reasons: For search engine crawlers to scan and rank accordingly, and as a means to attract new readers to your website.

Search engine crawlers (or “robots”) scan every little corner of your website every few seconds. When relevant content is added, they know. When certain “searchable words” are added, they know. And when duplicate content is added as a ploy to use more “searchable words”, they definitely know. Search engines either increase or doc your ranking based on the quality and relevance of your seo content writing.

The content needs to relevant for search engines, but also for readers. One way to bring new, interested users to your site (or to get them to click on social campaigns) is to entice them with interesting information! Blogs are a great platform to give your website fresh new content that you can then link to social media sites! They also give brands expert credibility, are inexpensive, and allow for consumers to explore a brand without being overwhelmed by advertisements.

SEO company, Kirk, knows content. To get the most out of your content, or to let the SEO copywriting experts manage your text, contact Kirk Communications at 603-766-4945.