Mobile-Friendly Websites, a Necessity for 2016

Mobile-Friendly Websites, a Necessity for 2016

Ever heard of Google’s update “MobileGeddon”? Chances are your answer is no…but if you operate a website for your business, you may want to pay attention!

This Google algorithm update from 2015 gives mobile friendly websites an extra boost in their search ranking. With over 60% of website traffic coming from mobile devices these days, it’s essentially vital that your company’s target audience is able to view your website clearly on their smartphone and/or tablet. Mobile friendly websites have lower bounce rates, better user-experiences, and higher conversion rates. You could potentially be losing customers if they cannot view your website correctly on a device other than a desktop or laptop computer. A responsive mobile friendly website should be at the top of your website design and development list to please your customers and improve your search ranking.

Interested in seeing if your website is mobile-friendly? Visit this website and type in your URL to find out: Making your current website mobile-friendly may take some extra development time depending on your database, but both updating your website and making it mobile-optimized are two search factors that Google’s search algorithm tracks for high search ranking. Why not make the change?

You have a few options for your mobile website design. A separate website can be designed, also known as a dedicated mobile website, or your main website can utilize a responsive mobile friendly design. Dedicated mobile websites are designed specifically for smartphone/tablet users visiting your website. Using insights from your website’s analytics, a web developer can design the perfect dedicated site to fit your customer’s needs. A responsive website automatically scales your website from a desktop to a mobile device screen for better visibility and functionality.

Kirk Communications, a mobile website design company, can help you decipher which option is the best fit for your company, and can implement it for you. For more information on website design and development, and other services please call 603-765-4945.