Grow Your Business Online with Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Grow Your Business Online with Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Regularly posting on your company’s social media accounts can be extremely beneficial to your fans and follower base, but what if I told you that you could amplify your reach, leading to optimal end results for your company? Going beyond your Company Facebook and LinkedIn feeds to a bigger audience is powerful for your brand and engagement. Facebook Groups and LinkedIn Groups have been recently discovered be beneficial to, and used by, multiple companies. Groups can range from company fan pages to peers who share the same interests or hobbies. In order to grow your business online, it is important to leverage these groups to their fullest potential.


Facebook Groups were designed to provide a digital platform for users to communicate the latest news, trends, products/services and more. With over 620 million Facebook Groups, there is a Group for everyone to join. In order to advertise on Facebook more effectively, businesses can create discussion groups to better communicate with their customers, respond to online questions, share company accomplishments, etc.

Unfortunately, a company Facebook page cannot join a group, but employees can. By using a destined employee Facebook account, you will increase the visibility of your brand in the Groups you post to. Choosing the right Groups to join is made simple with Facebook’s search feature. Type in industry related keywords to find groups to join.

You can also view the groups that your Facebook Business Page fans are a part of—search “Groups joined by people who like (insert page name)”. By joining groups your target audience are currently a part of, you will expand your audience when you post blogs, company updates and press releases. Visit Facebook Group Basics for more information about joining and creating Groups.


There are over 2 million LinkedIn groups to join. Like Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups are the perfect way to build-up your company’s online reputation. In addition, sharing company posts on LinkedIn groups delivers the content to the right people. It’s important to join groups that are related to your industry—browse all of the Groups here: LinkedIn Group Directory. Engaging in the LinkedIn Groups you are a part of is just as important as posting on them. By engaging in your peers’ posts you increase awareness and gain new insight on topics related to your business field. Be sure to join groups that have a large following along with being regularly active.

Both LinkedIn and Facebook Groups are beneficial to increasing your social media following, visibility and target audiences.

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