All Digital Marketing Companies are not Web Design & Development Companies

All Digital Marketing Companies are not Web Design & Development Companies

It takes only a few seconds for a website visitor to choose to stay or bounce off the site. Understanding how to build a website that catches the eye, but also brings qualified traffic is no easy task, and not any marketing company can succeed.

A global web design and development company understands that an incredibly large part of building a website is building it to rank higher on search engines. The right integration, structure, keywords, headers, links, content and coding is key to your website’s overall long-term success. Don’t trust a marketing company to build “just a pretty face”; depth and beauty need to be aligned when investing in a website build. The market is competitive, so make sure your website is, too.

You have the need for a new, refreshed website that fits your business and goals. In order to grow your business online your website needs to stand out amongst your competitors and displays at the top of Google. A typical Digital Marketing company can create you a website that looks glitzy and has all of the bells and whistles, but it may never be seen by your target customers online. Knowing how to build a technical website and promoting it are 2 completely different things. This is where a Website Design and Development Company steps in.

Website design and development companies have highly specialized technical resources such as handling complex CMS website development and integration to custom coding to integrate APIs. These companies have a talented team of professionals to work with you to design a website that is SEO-friendly and has the functionality and look you want.

When you are in the process of working with a website design and development company it is crucial to keep your goals in mind: Is this website for increasing sales? Are you recruiting new employees? Do you want to increase leads?
With these questions in mind, web developers can intertwine CRM tools, ecommerce platforms, and other features to match and track your goals in the most effective way.

Designing and building a successful presence online takes distinctive design, appealing content, specific programming and optimum functionality. Trust a web design and development company with your website investment. Kirk Communications in Portsmouth, NH, a global web design and development company, understands best business practices and globally stands above the competition, with a reputation for ranking client to position one in very short time periods. For more information, contact Kirk Communications or call 603-766-4945.