People Remember 10% of What They HEAR and 80% of What They SEE

People Remember 10% of What They HEAR and 80% of What They SEE
The revolutionary way to grow your social media following and increase time on site is with infographics. What are infographics you might ask? Well, to begin, if you’re looking for a way to make your content more appealing and interactive, then infographics can be that stepping stone in your journey to a bigger and brighter digital marketing strategy. These should be intertwined in your overall website design and development imagery and social media. For starters, infographics are eye catching and engaging. People are constantly receiving, analyzing, creating and sharing new information. Due to this overload, your message needs to stand out to get people’s attention so you can grow your business online. Approximately 65% of humans are visual learners and 90% of information absorbed by the brain is visual. Infographics can take all that mundane and complex data and turn it into colorful and appealing works of art that demands attention from your audience.

Infographics are simple to understand and can easily boost the performance of your social media management. Sure, we could read 100+ pages of information, but we’re busy people with busy lives, aren’t we? We may not necessarily have the time to process of this written data.

Infographics strictly allow the content to be simplified in a convenient and efficient manner. They’re able to function as a teaser or a call to action. You’ll be able to get readers and users to download more information because humans are naturally curious creatures. You could have the best local SEO company in your area from simply sharing infographics on your website. Furthermore, because infographics are easy to read and understand, they’re share more easily via social media and could be distributed virally. Because we are primarily based in NH, you could promote social media marketing in NH and help your business. The lesson to take away is don’t just state facts and figures that can trigger instant glaze over, but instead weave data into a visual story.

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