One of the most overlooked aspects of running a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign is the effective use of the “Content Network“. The content network is essentially a catalog of websites that allow Google to advertise on them.  Traditionally the problem with using the content network is that your ads show up on personal blogs… Read More

Under pressure to send a steady stream of leads to your sales team, how do you decide where to allocate your marketing investment? How do you know which sites, PPC ads or lists give you the best ROI? Is your website performing well? And when it comes time to lobby for an increase to your… Read More

In Google, search the term “Oil Spill” and many other similar phrases and in the top PPC section you will find a link to a BP landing page titled Gulf Of Mexico Response. Where many companies use PPC search terms as a way to gain new clients and leads, BP is utilizing a PPC campaign… Read More

Running PPC (pay per click) campaigns used to be relatively simple. There were only a few variables that the user had control of; price, copy, and where the user would be directed when they clicked on an ad. Today, effectively managing pay-per-click campaigns is a full time job requiring a great deal of skill and… Read More

In the last few months we have been busy continually evoloving our SEM and SEO marketing techniques. Google and other search engines constantly evolve their ranking techniques. But their criteria will always be based on delivering relevant results to their clients. What this means to you is that to increase your ranking, you have to… Read More