Website Design Trends

When your company evolves its web design and development strategy, it can also become a means of refining your brand in general. Updating your websites design with revamped layouts that allow for easy navigation to you and your products will only help in driving business and adding new patrons. Your website is a medium to… Read More

Here’s something that is happening with alarming frequency in the website design & development business. More and more of the so called reputable website design & development companies are becoming unintentional frauds. During the proposal process they display their previous work, show a timeline and costs and talk a lot about the user interface, navigation… Read More

There’s a real conundrum for website design and development agencies and their clients. Clients (and presumably the users of their websites) absolutely love clean, simple, beautifully designed home pages. Unfortunately, Google hates them. Well, they don’t really hate them, per se, but they do ignore them, largely because there is no text. Google search algorithms… Read More

In the old days you could hire a website design and development person who knew a couple of coding languages, throw up a site and you were in business. As the web grew more sophisticated you hired a web design agency to update or redesign your site. But hire a typical website design and development… Read More