After an extensive two-year investigation, the Federal Trade Commission has determined that the way Google arranges search results is not a violation of antitrust or anti-competition laws. “While not everything Google did was beneficial, on balance we did not believe that the evidence supported an FTC challenge to this aspect of Google’s business under American… Read More

When will “best” web design sites get the message that a site without SEO is akin to having a well-designed car with no engine, or a plane with no wings? just posted what they call 25 beautiful website design examples for your inspiration. But only four out of the 25 “beautiful websites” had enough… Read More

It is amazing. Since the down turn in 2008, every company and living breathing soul is claiming to do SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I am sure there are some well intentioned folks in the industry, but in 6 years of doing search, I can count on one hand the number of companies that can… Read More

One of the first things most people will do when researching a company is visit their website, this means that today web design and development is a very important marketing tool. When developing a website you want to keep in mind why you need a website and what your goals are once your site is… Read More

Time and time again, we pick of up the pieces from website design and development companies that have built beautifully designed websites but that do nothing for their customers. There are four main issues that we see with current Website Design and Development companies. 1. No Mobile – Any site designed today needs to be… Read More

Web gurus around the world proclaim that “content is king” when it comes to websites. Sadly, the proclamation doesn’t meet with reality. Look at most websites (b to b in particular) and you quickly discover that content is crap, especially when it comes to website copywriting. Here are four good ways to get your content… Read More

When I look at the array of SEO companies populating the landscape, I am amazed at the number of organizations that have no information about employees, company or its location. SEO is a fast moving technology that few people understand. As a result, thousands of people have been scammed by SEO companies that have little… Read More

In tough economic times, many web and internet agencies have greatly scaled back their web development staff, instead relying on contractors, part-time employees and third party companies, many of whom are overseas. In theory this sounds cost-effective and efficient, but in practice these companies are running into alot of trouble when it comes to quality… Read More