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An art director friend from the print world sent me a web url for an investment company. This art director is known for his beautiful, tasteful, high-end brochure work. The web link he sent was equally beautiful to the best work he print. But because almost the entire site was done with moving type and graphics it is totally invisible to the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Flash--the tool used to create these beautiful pages--is invisible to search engines. Create your site in flash and you take yourself out of inbound marketing entirely, since, unless someone is looking for your site by the name of your company, they won't find you.

That's not to say flash doesn't have a useful purpose. You'll find flash at the top of our website home page. What you'll notice is that we use flash sparingly and we never use it exclusively on a page, making sure that there is a wealth of copy surrounding the flash for search engines to find.

By Nate Tennant

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