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Buying radio spots? Without SEO you're just helping your competition.

Contrary to popular opinion, TV and radio advertising are not dead. But buying radio or TV without a really good SEO effort to go with is a good way to waste money while helping your competition. Consider this scenario.

ABC solar company moves into an area and starts advertising like crazy on the radio. They say their name over and over on the air. But they only get a little more business. At the same time, another local solar company sees business increase by 30%.

How can this be?

Those interested in getting solar can't remember the name. People have been trained to look for what they want on search engines so they turn to Google and type in "residential solar", or "solar electricity". Because ABC solar company didn't search engine optimize their site, Google displays XYZ solar company on page one of Google in positions three and four. ABC Solar Company is on page 11. Or, as we like to call any thing after page two, the land of anonymity.

By Anarita Droukas

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