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Running lots of TV and radio? Your SEO savvy competitors may thank you for it

Ten years ago if you hired a New Hampshire marketing firm, you expected them to plan your print and possibly your TV/radio campaigns, they bought the media for those campaigns and they even created the ads you would run. New Hampshire marketing firms also provided wise counsel on getting the most bang for your marketing dollar. They had relationships with cable companies, radio stations, newspapers and magazines. Most important, the people who worked for those New Hampshire marketing firms had lots of valuable experience on the client side and the agency side.

Things are different today. Many of those traditional New Hampshire marketing firms have had to change with the times. They've patched in all of the digital, online and inbound marketing techniques to become a so-called SEO company, in addition to all the traditional marketing work they do.

It's not working very well. By their very nature, traditional New Hampshire marketing firms are experts at casting a wide net that has an intrusive message. An SEO company, by design, uses techniques to let people who are interested in a product or service come looking for it. They've done a good job when those people find what they're looking for in the clients that are being served by that SEO company.

If you're using a traditional New Hampshire marketing firm and you do print, radio or TV advertising, ask them how they're integrating search engine optimization into the campaign. Every TV and radio spot mentions the web address. But most people don't remember that. Instead, they turn to Google. If you're not showing up on page one of Google for the keywords people are searching for that are related to your product, your TV or radio spots could be sending potential customers to competitors simply because the rank better on Google! It's something we see all the time. Which is why your New Hampshire marketing firm better be as good at SEO as they are at TV and radio. If they're not, it's time to find a dedicated SEO company to handle that side of your marketing.

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