Why you need to fire your SEO company

TopSEOs is a website ranking company that has diligently researched, analyzed and poured over more than 9,200 website design & development companies to determine who knows what they are doing and who does not when it comes to search engine optimization.

At Kirk Communications, we know there are bigger website design & development companies. We also know that there are website design & development companies that charge more than we do, have more resources and bigger offices. But there is something else we know: When it comes to search engine optimization we are better than more than 9,180 other companies. That's because TopSEOs recently ranked us number 19 in our capabilities for doing high quality search engine optimization work.

How did we earn this ranking? We met the criteria that TopSEOs uses when doing their work. For example, it's not enough to choose some keywords that are easy for a company to rank for. TopSEOs wants to see that a website design & development company has the software and the strategy to get a company ranking for competitive keywords. They also want to see that we take the time to learn about a client's business before we offer up an SEO strategy (no boilerplate work allowed).

TopSEOs also spends a lot of time making sure that a company knows how to optimize a website. Far too many website design & development companies engage in what we at Kirk call "SEO lite" They slap in a few meta tags, put some keywords in the content and call it a day. High Quality SEO work requires a much more diligent effort and TopSEOs awarded for that effort.

TopSEOs also looked at our capabilities for using off page content and link building for our clients. In a world where Google penalizes companies are routinely penalized in the search rankings if their SEO company doesn't take a hands on approach to off-page linking, this area is extremely important. At Kirk we do all of our linking manually by hand. It's the only way to do it right.

Finally, TopSEOs wants to see that a website design & development company that does SEO offers clear, concise reporting to it's clients and that it is straightforward and easy to understand. We have nice clean reports, but we also take the time to go over each and every report with every single client to make sure they can understand and see the benefit of our work.

To be in the top 20 on TopSEOs is certainly a high achievement. What's next? Reaching the top ten.

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