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Should mobile website design and development be in your future?

Companies can run into big problems with their websites for a whole host of problems. Some are very simple. Others can be an absolute nightmare. In the spirit of the season, here are two nightmares that happened recently:

Are you master of your own domain?

As a website design and development company we realized long ago that many companies have no idea who is hosting their site or where their domain name is registered. It's not as surprising as you might think. Employees set up websites, then they leave. If that legacy knowledge isn't passed down, it can be a problem.

One of our clients watched all of our diligent SEO efforts go up in flames because their host company accidently posted their entire site on another company's URL.

But our client had no idea who was hosting their site. We actually had to contact the unwitting company who had our client's site attached to their registration URL. Needless to say they were shocked. But, once we knew who hosted their site, we knew who our client hosted with. We contacted them and got the problem resolved.

Of course, upon seeing all that duplicate content, Google de-ranked our client's site accordingly. Ah well, those things happen. But, we could have solved the problem much more quickly if the client knew who they hosted with in the first place.

Seven-hundred thousand porn links from hell.

As a website design and development company, we routinely do presentations to large companies wanting to know more about SEO, off-page links, directories and where they currently stand when it comes to their positions on Google. Because these companies are so large, they routinely rank quite high for many keywords and keyword phrases. While this is true, we like to point out that not paying attention to search links and all that goes with it (good and bad) can cause major problems. Some clients believe us, others don't. Recently, our website design and development company presented to a group of executives at a large global firm, we pointed out that they currently had almost 700,000 porn sites pointing to their very staid and business-like website. We got the account that day.

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