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VSEO Web Video Production

Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) is becoming a more and more important part of an integrated search engine optimization campaign. YouTube is more than a repository of web videos. It is easily the second largest search engine (behind Google).

Consider that YouTube web videos
  • Exceeds 2-billion views a day
  • Uploads 24 hours of new web videos every 60-seconds
  • Loads more video in 60 days than the combined TV networks created in 60 years

Creating a YouTube Library that is linked to your site's home page gives you a number of search engine advantages.

At Kirk, we do web video production for large numbers of clients, we optimize them for search and place them on YouTube. The result is high placement on Google. Equally important, YouTube web videos are set off with a thumbnail on the Google page so it attracts the eye. And when you consider that more than 80% of web users want to learn via web videos compared to text, it becomes clear why having a search optimized VSEO library for web videos is more important than ever. Using Kirk's state-of-the-art web video production services can make it happen.

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