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Online Public Relations

As part of its outbound marketing services, Kirk Communications provides integrated online public relations services including building press and analyst relationships, planning and implementing corporate and product campaigns, creating memorable content through press releases and case studies, shaping the opinion of targeted audiences and securing informed public understanding, all of which deliver measurable results in the form of increased media presence and sales opportunities.

Expertise in online public relations:

Analyst Relations
Our online public relations staff, having worked on the client side for start-ups and Fortune 500 organizations understands what analysts want to see from a client when they are briefed. Far too often companies will not properly brief analysts or not follow up on past promises, leaving analysts with a less than favorable impression of your company. Kirk's online public relations staff works with your press team, senior executives, product and product marketing staff to help them prepare and properly brief the analyst community. In addition to helping clients prepare for proper analyst briefings, we have the knowledge and contacts to get you briefings with the right people.

Awards Programs
Getting an award can be a big ego boost for a company both internally and externally. More importantly, awards can drive positive perception. Too often awards are overlooked by companies who don't have the internal resources to properly manage a complete online public relations program.

Byline Programs
Depending on a company's particular industry segment, there can be a number of opportunities to write bylined articles. Often, leading industry experts can be found within the company walls. Kirk’s online public relations staff works with your team to write byline articles that are timely and relevant to your industry.

Case Studies
Having a proven record of success is important to any potential customer. Case studies, when positioned properly, can help your sales team speed up the sales cycle, meaning higher revenues and lower costs.

Media Relations
Kirk's online public relations staff has long standing relations with local and national press. However, like any organization, media companies and outlets have high turnovers. Therefore, we focus on preparing and presenting complete, meaningful press releases and stories that reporters will gravitate to. This approach, coupled with our pleasant persistence model, gets results.

Media and Analyst Research
Our online public relations staff is continually researching press and analyst opportunities for our clients. It is an on-going process that never stops at any point when Kirk is engaged with a client.

News Release Writing
In addition to helping with bylined articles and customer case studies, Kirk's online public relations team also works on creating releases that coincide with your company's product and messaging strategy.

Press Kit Development
Kirk's online public relations team can develop a full press kit or augment an existing one. In addition, we can help companies deploy a full interactive press kit that can be housed on your site or on partner sites.

Product Reviews Program
Product reviews and product bakeoffs are important in establishing credibility around a product or service. Knowing where to place your product and when to place it can have a critical impact on how a company is perceived by the market place.

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