Website Design and Development – the rules have changed.

Portsmouth, NH February 22, 2012 — Kirk Communications, a website design and development firm that also does search engine marketing warns clients against getting too creative with their websites.

“Ten years ago we approached website design and development in a very old-school way,” said John Decker, Creative Director at Kirk Communications. “We wanted sites that mimicked state of the art print designs. They were arresting, innovative and colorful. Sometimes you had to guess where the navs were and there was flash all over the place.”

According to Decker the world of web design & development is a vastly different place today. “The old sites were really nothing more than brochures online or crude e-commerce sites,” he said.

“If you’re going to optimize a site to take advantage of SEO, it has to have so many words on each page, it helps if the titles have keywords and all images have to have search optimized tags,” Decker explained.

As search engines became critical to web use and finding information became the main focus of website design and development transformed from a focus on design and glitz to creating sites that were clear, concise and offered valuable information. Above all, text had to be search engine optimized so the web crawlers would rank pages higher and the website design and development had to accommodate constantly changing content since the search engines value a changing site over one that remains static.

“A more proscribed website design and development strategy is one that will only gain in importance,” Decker said. “Search engines are realizing that a lot of the “dynamic” content people are putting on-page and off-page on the web is little more than blather,” he said. “Search engines are becoming ever more sophisticated and will be able to find meaningful content more readily.”  When that happens website content will finally equal website design and development.

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Kirk Communications is a website design and development company located in New Hampshire with additional offices in New Delhi, India. In addition to being a website design and development company, Kirk Communications is a global provider of inbound marketing including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media integration. As an SEO Company, Kirk Communications also runs large paid campaigns for clients (PPC). Kirk’s clients cover a broad range of vertical and horizontal markets including technology, financial services and healthcare. Beyond being an integrated website design & development, Kirk Communications offers an extensive suite of state-of-the-art SEO and PPC analytics, that, in conjunction with innovative message development, helps its customers refine their brand, increase visibility and stay ahead of their competitors. Kirk Communications counts among its clients IDG, Dorcy International, Optimize Interactive, Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center, Charter Auction and Animetrics. For more information, please visit us on the web at

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