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CMS Integration

If you want to give your people the freedom to add, remove and edit content your website (or sites). You'll need a content management system (CMS), a set of procedures used to manage website content in a collaborative environment. Employ the right CMS integration and you will allow disparate users to contribute and access shared data, allowing for comprehensive content management. A CMS integration system also allows for the easy access and control of data. In most CMS integration systems users can be defined by the level of access they have to certain content. For example, an admin might have access to a customer form while a product manager might have the ability to change entire sections of the website. CMS integration systems also reduce repetitive inputs into a system and reduce overall mistakes. In more advanced CMS integration systems, data that is changed on one web property can be changed across multiple language platforms automatically.

Choosing the right system for CMS integration can be a long and difficult process, especially since there are a large number of content management systems available.

There are many website CMS integration systems on the marketplace, some that are open sourced and others that are paid for on a subscription or site basis.

At Kirk we regularly do CMS integration for our clients, give them training and make sure everything works right.

Our content management services include:

CSS styled content: The web developers and web programmers at Kirk Communications program in both CSS1 and CSS2 depending on the requirements of the project.

Multiple page editing: Many of the CMS integration systems that we employ allow users to change content in multiple locations but the user only needs to make a change in a master document. Once this change is made, that same content can be changed in multiple locations.

Preview content: Good CMS integration systems allow users to preview how the content will look on their web page before they hit the publish button. There are many paid and non-paid options that provide this CMS functionality for users.

Front-end & back end editing: Some CMS integration systems require that users edit certain parts of a website in the front end of the CMS while others are done in the back end. We work with clients to find a solution that is the easiest for them to use and deploy.

Manage back end users / groups: CMS integration systems can provide a high degree of security and control for any content. Most CMS integration systems will allow for extensive management of users and group access to content. Kirk Communications can help you select the best CMS system that gives you the access and control that you need to manage back end users and groups.

Popular CMS Integration Systems:

Sitecore is CMS integration software that helps you create and modify up-to-date dynamic, full-featured websites of all types. A leader in flexibility and scalability, Sitecore has the ability to integrate with a company’s marketing organization, systems and developers.

Joomla is an open source CMS integration system for publishing on intranets and the web. Written in PHP, Joomla stores data in My SQL and includes rich features such as RSS feeds, blogs and polls and support for language internationalization.

Typo3 is an open source CMS integration system. It can run on Apache or IIS on top of Linux, MS Windows, OS/2 or Mac OS X.

Word Press is an open source CMS integration system used by a large portion of the market place. Powered by PHP and MySQL, many of our clients like Word Press because it is easy to use.

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