“Google it”

“Google it”

We have all heard the term, “Just Google it.” It is how most people research the things they need, whether it be vacation accommodations or a service for their business. And, it is those businesses and services that appear on the first page of our search that customers are most likely to investigate further.

Businesses can show up in two ways on the first page of an internet search, organically or paid. Organic searches show results based on the relevancy of the search word or search phrase. Search engine algorithms are continually changing, but as a business, there are three easy steps you can take to help rank your business higher on organic searches.

Link Your Site
Establishing links from your web site to that of your partners and vice versa will increase the number of places that your content appears on the web, thus increasing your rankings.

Public Relations (PR)
PR can be an effective way to get your company’s name recognized, but one of it’s most important functions today is that by issuing a press release your company‚Äôs content will populate thousands of news sites, increasing your relevancy and ranking.

Blogs, if integrated into your site can serve as a valuable portal for relevant content. By having more industry specific content on your site, you have a great chance of ranking higher on organic searches.

But, before making any of these changes to a company’s website, benchmarks should be established on current site traffic, time spent on the site and number of direct inquiries. Using metrics will allow your organization to effectively measure how each change positively or negatively affects the website traffic and search placement.