How to deal with local SEO

As an NH SEO company, we often get asked what is the best way to optimize for the local level? First, companies know who their customers are. Where are they located? Are they primarily located in their state or are more located nationally? Who do they want to sell to now and in the future? The answer to this question will largely determine the SEO strategy for that company. If the company is focused primarily locally, then it is okay to use key words with geographic locators. This would mean adding a state abbreviation to the keyword phrase or a state name to the keyword phrase. Let’s say you are a foreign auto repair station located in New Hampshire. It is likely that most of this clients’ customers are located in New Hampshire. Therefore, it is a good strategy to include a geographic locator at the end of the key words. The geographic locator could be NH or New Hampshire or a city or town name.  These geographic locators can be used with some  or all keywords depending on how local you want to get with your business. The specific regions that you are targeting should also be in the Meta data, so adding in NH, MA, etc. depending on what areas you are targeting.

However, there may be some other key words that are of a more national level. Lets say the business sells some foreign car parts, this might require that keywords are of a national nature like foreign car parts for sale. Depending on where the company wants to go strategically will determine how much of one strategy versus another they will take. For any company doing business on the web, it is important to understand these differences. Make sure that your Website Design and Development company understands the difference between local SEO and national SEO.