Can a web design company fix a damaged reputation? We can!

“Never do anything in your life that you wouldn’t want to see in the paper the next day.” This wise advice came from a wise journalist I knew many years ago. Of course, this same advice applies to the Internet, perhaps even more so. After all, after a bad story appears in the newspaper it ends up in the trash, burned in the fire or lining a birdcage.

But, what appears on the Internet stays on the Internet…forever. If it’s a big story it can take over the Internet like wildfire. And if it’s negative, it can appear on page one of Google for weeks or months, damaging businesses and reputations.

That’s where Kirk Website Design and Development comes in. We built our reputation on doing good website design and development work as well as search engine optimization to drive our client’s companies to the top positions on the search engine results pages of Google. But, as a web design company, we also do Internet damage control using special software tools to help repair online reputations of businesses and people who have things they don’t necessarily want on page one of Google.

Since 70% of people don’t look beyond page one of Google, driving a Google article down to page two, three or even lower, effectively makes the story go away to just about everyone on the Web.

Kirk Website Design and Development and reverse SEO

There’s only one way to drive a negative web page off of page one on search engine results pages. You have to occupy the first 10 to 12 results above the negative page with positive page results.

Most web design companies call this Reverse SEO. In reality using regular Search Engine Optimization techniques are used. But, they’re used on the new positive pages that we create. We start by figuring out which keywords cause the negative page (or pages) to show up in search, and then we look at the things that are driving the high search result for a given bad page. They include the bad page’s architecture; it’s backlinks, social media authority and other items. Armed with the right keywords, we search optimize the new positive pages and submit them to the search engines and hundreds of directories. At the same time, we begin posting blogs and off page, search engine-optimized content on other sites.

There are dozens other things that most also happen to successfully employ reverse SEO. In the past, using reverse SEO by a typical web design company to drive a negative page down 10 or 12 spots on Google would takes months or even longer. Because Kirk Website Design and Development has developed several proprietary software tools for SEO, we are the only web design company that can make reverse SEO work effectively in a matter of weeks in many cases.

How well does Kirk Website Design and Development do when it comes to reverse SEO? We were recently ranked 26th out of the top 50 SEO companies by They sited our unique ability to accomplish reverse SEO effectively as the major reason this New Hampshire based web design firm ranked higher than half of the others listed even though they are much website design and development firms.