The ten percent solution to website design & development.

You don’t have to be a website design & development company to build a website. Anyone can build a website. I’m serious anyone can build a website. If you’re a vacationer who wants to show photos, a kid who want’s to show off skateboard skills, build your own website. If you’re someone who wants to launch a sophisticated ecommerce site that will attract millions of customers one day, thereby making everyone in your startup business exceedingly rich, build your own website.

Ok, that last one is a real problem.

As a website design & development company, we see venture-funded startups all the time who dump vast amounts of capital into building a product, developing a service, or inventing an incredible new technology. Then they have a secretary or a cousin buy a website template and start doing their own version of website design & development. It ain’t pretty. It is also rarely functional or intuitive. In many cases, the site doesn’t even do well at explaining what the company does, because they’ve left it to the CEO to write some copy, which she or he rarely has time for, nor is very good at. They’re also way too close to what they are doing to ever be able to just hit the highlights.

Even worse, very little thought has been given to attracting prospects using inbound marketing techniques. Consequently, the do-it-yourself website languishes in the nether regions of Google search engine results pages never to be found by anyone, save the CEO (and maybe the CEO’s mother.)

If you’re not spending ten percent on marketing initiatives to keep a company front and center when it comes to attracting business, you’re violating the basic fundamentals of business. It’s that simple. And if you’re not spending 70 percent of that ten percent on website design & development and other digital marketing, you’re short changing your businesses’ chance for ultimate success.