Reclaim Your Web Traffic, Protect Your Brand


You worked hard to grown your company… now how do you protect it? Whether you own an ecommerce website or simply run a promotional blog, the internet creates a whole new playground for impersonators and counterfeiters to bully companies on. These brand protection tools are necessary to safeguard brand wellbeing and marketing efforts in digital channels.

1. Don’t Let Competition & Brand Impersonators Steal Your Traffic
Online impersonators or competing companies create chaos by intercepting your web traffic. By addressing their misleading tactics, you can reclaim web traffic and profits. Competing URLs confuse web surfers and take away from your search rankings. Be proactive and keep impostors and competition from coming between you and your customers. Owning URLs that include your brand name, as well as surrounding names, helps safeguard against counterfeiters purchasing those domains and claiming to be you. This is especially important if you are an ecommerce website, as funds go directly through your webpage.

2. Optimize Your Domain to Increase Your Traffic
Make sure your company’s domains are serving their purpose. An SEO company can optimize your site to increase your search rankings, making you more competitive. In order to maximize your web traffic, along with SEO consultancy, you’ll want to make sure you have focused content writing. You want to ensure that when consumers type in your company’s name or related words, they end up at your site, not a competitor’s or imposter’s. When an SEO company increases your search ranking, you decrease the chance of a consumer ending up on someone else’s site.

3. Solidify Uniform Brand Guidelines
Associates and partners also play a role in driving online traffic, as they are significant extensions of your brand. To create a consistent and familiar brand across online channels, it’s crucial to confirm that all employees, franchisees, and associates observe your brand guidelines. Creating a compliance policy, as well as a system to monitor cooperation, can help you pick out online imposters. Consumers will also be more likely to pick up on questionable authenticity.

Your company’s website isn’t the only thing you need to work to protect. Digital channels like mobile apps and social media sites are rapidly becoming vital aspects of strategic businesses. Don’t rule out the threat of brand impersonation or fraud in these developing channels. Reclaim your web traffic and protect your brand.