How to Expand my Business Online

How to Expand my Business Online

You’ve spent sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee, and probably more money than you have on building your business. Congratulations on finding the motivation to press on! In today’s technology dominated world, having an online presence is essential in order to grow your business further. But what if you built a website and nobody came? What if no one follows you on social media or reads your blog?

The key to developing an online presence is to make yourself easy to find! So how exactly do you get more people to see your website or social media pages? Search engine optimization (SEO), delivering high quality SEO copy writing, and being active on social media. The final step? Integrating all three methods.

As an SEO company, we consider optimizing your website for search the most important step. If you’re a smaller business, chances are people aren’t searching for your company by name…but that doesn’t mean they aren’t searching for your services! By optimizing your site codes with the proper data driven terms, you’ll show up higher in search rankings which means more people are likely to click on you.

SEO copy writing, or high quality content, also impacts search rankings. Having eloquent content will engage your viewers, but it does no good if people can’t find it in the first place. Using SEO key terms in a strategic manner during your writing process will increase your chances of being found. This strategy can be integrated into all social media platforms as well. The more new, key worded content you deliver, the better you will rank. The more you interact and post, the more users you will reach.

By combining SEO strategies with an active social media plan, all while optimizing your written content, your online presence will grow due to increased site traffic. At Kirk, we are a website design & development team with all the analytical expertise of an SEO company. We understand the analytics behind expanding a business. Let us help you grow.