How to Market Your Business to Millennials

Why Go Mobile?

As we approach 2016, there are over 83.1 million millennials living in the United States – that’s over a quarter of the US population. The millennials even outnumber the baby boomer population (75.4 million). So what’s so different about these young adults and their internet habits? What does your SEO company or web design agency need to know? These millennials grew up on technology. They are the most diverse generation in the United States, and they have an average attention span of just 8 seconds. So how are you going to market your business to these high performance multi taskers?

Kirk can help you understand how to market your business to the most targeted generation in history. We understand the highly digitized, modernized mediums being utilized by the millennials for hours each day. Since millennials grew up with ever changing technology, they are more comfortable adopting new search methods, marketing tactics, and digital platforms. This means that you need to be utilizing these digital channels and new platforms as well. This also means their tech savvy search methods may be different than what you’d expect. Is your SEO company keeping up with the times?

As a NH SEO company, our team is well versed in the latest search trends and methods (including google panda recovery), as well as the newest social media campaign tactics and habits. Our analytical approach to optimization allows you to track the habits of your digital visitors and pinpoint the exact user you’re looking for (be it millennials or not).

To capture the attention of millennials, project yourself as an industry leader, or simply grow your business online, contact your local SEO company, Kirk Communications.