Are You Really Utilizing Your Google+ Account?

G PlusGoogle Plus may seem like just another social media marketing tool that requires upkeep, similar to advertising on Facebook and Twitter, but it turns out that G+ is much more important than that. There’s a reason why it is the third most popular social network in the world! One of the secrets to growing your company online is creating and utilizing your company’s Google+ account. The Google search algorithm (that determines which results are served up and in which order) takes lots of different web factors into account, including how you use your G+ account. In fact, Google weighs your Google+ usage a little heavier than some of the other algorithm factors.

Utilizing your Google+ to grow your business online requires more than just regularly posting updates. Did you know your company’s Google+ account has its own customized Page URL? Google+ also allows you to add photos, your company tagline, and a description. The company name, tagline, and first 2 sentences of your description are what make up your meta description (crucial information that search engines pick up on), so be sure to make those 160 characters count! This is the distinction between simply advertising on Facebook, and increasing your SEO efforts. If you properly optimize your G+ account, your company’s organic search rankings should increase.

It is crucial to have your company’s Google+ account linked to your main website to grow your business online and to increase leads. Just like advertising on Facebook and Twitter cohesively, your company can intertwine Google+ posts and publicity to get maximum coverage. Kirk knows SEO — To get the most out of your search engine optimization, or to let the SEO copywriting experts manage your text, contact Kirk Communications at 603-766-4945.