Ultimate Combo for Customer Engagement: Social Media & Local SEO

Learn how to rev up a stagnant social media page by engaging customers through smart SEO copywriting and Local SEO techniques.

Local SEO

A rising 53% of Americans age 12 and over are more loyal to the brands they follow on social media (convince and convert). Based on this knowledge, a recent study shows that 72% of marketers are now using social media to develop loyal fans.

Building brand loyalty and engagement with your customers through social media involves strategy, analysis, paid campaigning, and SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting is the practice of incorporating keywords in your content to help it rank higher in search. The utilization of keywords should never impede on the quality of your content — first and foremost all content should be geared towards informing and entertaining your audience.

We’ve put together a few of the basic best practices for boosting your social media engagement and building brand loyalty through social media and local SEO:

  1. Write Frequent Blogs and Articles Fresh relevant content is the cornerstone of online customer engagement. A weekly blog or monthly newsletter that highlights your set of services or products allows customers to get to know your brand. SEO copywriting gives you the opportunity to supply customers with useful information and integrate messages about your products all while keywording for SEO purposes.
  2. Distribute Your Blogs and Articles Don’t let the hard work you put into your content go to waste! Get your content viewed by sharing it on social media, online publications, and via email (when appropriate). It’s important to get your work seen by loyal customers as well as new social circles through shares. (Sidenote: Your website should have social share buttons enabled for easy user sharing!)
  3. Run Paid Ads for Popular Posts Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest all offer options for promoting popular posts, tweets, and pins. If your followers have been particularly receptive to a blog you posted, it’s likely that a wider audience would be enjoy it too! Promoting a post will make it more prominent in your community’s new feeds and lead to more likes, shares, and engagements.
  4. Join the Conversation Ask your SEO company to engage you in discussions on various popular FB, LinkedIn & G+ groups that are relevant to your brand. This type of organic interaction builds your brand’s credibility and leads to new connections.
  5. Review and Reevaluate Evaluate what is and isn’t working in your social media and Local SEO strategies. Put your efforts towards the strategies that your customers resonate with, and scrap the techniques that might’ve flopped. Prepare and analyze reports that show traffic and people engagement statistics (ElevateNow is a great tracking tool for these analytics).

Sound like a whole lot of work you don’t have time for? That’s where we come in. We’re your transparent, versatile SEO company and we’re ready to grow your business online. Call Kirk at 603-766-4945 today.