SEO Mysteries Cracked: Google’s Ranking #0

SEO Mysteries Cracked: Google’s Ranking #0

Every website owner and website design and development company alike will agree that being ranked #1 in terms of search on Google is the highest achievable position, right? Wrong. What if I told you that Google’s #1 ranking is not in fact the top spot? Google’s position “number zero”, also known as Rich Answers, is a feature that has been rapidly increasing in popularity and use in recent years. “Rich Answers” are Google’s attempt to answer the searcher’s query without them having to click through to a website. The usage of Rich Answers has increased from 22.6% in December 2014 to 31.2% in July 2015. For a web design company that puts extra focus on SEO, this originally seemed like a big obstacle for us. How do you compete with position number zero?

With Rich Answers increasing, the click through rates for the number one and two ranked spots are decreasing.

SEO Mysteries Cracked: Google’s Ranking #0Although this may seem like another SEO ranking hurdle to overcome, this new answer box technique actually provides a more in-depth analysis on what content is relevant on your website in relation to your keywords. There are also multiple variations of Rich Answers that include graphics, charts and forms. And guess what? Most of these Rich Answers include the link that Google scraped the content from.

That link could be you! Which would mean additional traffic to your site. Kirk’s SEO content writing professionals understand the importance of high search ranking and catering to the new and developing Google Rich Answers. How can you grow your business online through Rich Answers?

  1. Have Simple questions in your website’s content
  2. Provide direct answers with value to your users
  3. These answers need to be clear, useful and certainly key worded

As a website design and development company, we understand the power of SEO content writing. Let us help you optimize your content for search engines! Who knows, maybe you’ll even show up in position zero!

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