Is Your Digital Strategy Generating Qualified Leads?

Is Your Digital Strategy Generating Qualified Leads?

Having hundreds, or even thousands of social media follower, likes, retweets, comments, etc. is great — but are these users part of your target audience? Will these “likes” lead to conversions? You need to make sure you’re reaching the right people. Growing your business online and getting the right kind of visitors involves Search Engine Optimization nh (SEO), quality SEO content writing, and Social Media Optimization (SMO) techniques. These are used to hype up your brand and to start conversations about the products/services you sell. SEO content writing is particularly important when trying to reach your target audience! Whether you’re writing your on page content or paid advertisements, use language that will resonate with potential customers and portray your industry in an exciting manner. Aside from precisely targeted content and top notch SEO strategies, just how do you get qualified leads?

Contact Forms

Every page of your website should have a prominent contact form and Call to Action (CTA) that visitors can fill out — these provide you with their name, email, and phone number along with a message field. You can also link your “Contact Us” landing page to your social media accounts. Having these forms tied to a CRM like salesforce will help you organize your leads.

Social Forms

Twitter has a feature called Twitter Cards that can be customized to drive more web traffic to your website. The Twitter Card for your website should have a link to your desired landing page and message—they only take 15 minutes to implement.

Advertising on Facebook also offers Lead Ads that create contact forms within the advertisement — your ad viewers can fill these out if they are interested in learning more about your company.

Paid Advertisements

As mentioned in our previous blog, How to Optimize Your Social Media Accounts, you can use Facebook and Twitter Analytics to understand your target audiences based on their location, interests, and lifestyles. You can now use that same insight to build strategically targeted Paid Facebook/Instagram and Twitter advertisements; they’ll be displayed directly to those people found in your analytics. By tying in your findings from the analytics with your paid advertisements on social media accounts, you can drive even more traffic to your website! You can be assured that the potential customers clicking on these ads will be in your target audience—increasing the amount of qualified leads.

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