Why your business should be using Google AdWords

Why your business should be using Google AdWords

Are you looking for quick and effective SEO results to better grow your business online? Google AdWords was designed with this concept in mind. Using Google AdWords for your business will have a positive effect on your rankings because Google will reward and prioritize your website for using their own personal platform and features. Utilizing Google AdWords is also budget friendly because you decide your what your daily spend is. Google AdWords, not only improves your search ranking, but it will help you choose which keywords and ad text are the most effective.

With insight on keyword effectiveness with Google AdWords, creating meta data and content will be easier than ever. Google AdWords has multiple reports and features that can help you shape your PPC campaigns and more. Read on to learn about a few of Google AdWords’ features:

CTR on your Keywords

Once you launch your Google AdWords campaigns, you will gain valuable insight on which keywords have the best click-through rates. This rating then calculates which terms have the best relationships between the actual search term and ad text.

Destination URLs

Destination URLs are provided by the Google AdWords destination URL Report. This report helps businesses dictate which URLs and landing pages and are having the highest conversions.

Traffic Estimator

The purpose of Google AdWords is to increase visibility of your website in a Google query. With the Traffic Estimator, you will now see how many clicks and impressions there are, and the cost metrics for each individual keyword.

At Kirk Communications, we offer PPC management services including keyword research for Google AdWords, analysis and feedback, campaign assessment, and much more.

Google AdWords is the perfect addition to your current digital marketing mix. Kirk Communications can help you implement Google AdWords and other PPC campaign management. To receive more information visit Google AdWords or call 603-766-4945.