Use of Social Media In Today’s Business


The importance of social media in today’s business can link directly with the success of social media marketing. Today, social media is not a one-dimensional social networking tool to help friends interact with one another. Instead, social media has opened the doors in recent years for businesses to reach their target audience who may be using social media outlets regularly.

Over 81% of businesses are using social media for online marketing. Your business can take advantage of the opportunities social media offers, such as in your marketing department. Social media is just getting bigger and bigger. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more social media outlets, they each allow your business to notify your target audience about new business updates, promote products, share videos of your business, and directly interact with customers.

Social media can directly lead to the success of your business. The first phase can be seen as targeting your audience. Your target audience can find you and your business on social media by adequately promoting yourself. Next, you can interact with customers through social media in its simplest form. Social media was designed for interaction, and your business must adapt to this medium to connect with your audience. Finally, through targeting and interacting, your business could ultimately see profits from social media.

At Kirk Communications, we incorporate our SEO (search engine optimization) capabilities and services into your social media accounts in order to drive more traffic to the site, increase online impressions, and improve search engine ranking. Kirk can use your company’s social media accounts to also connect with industry leaders, competitors, and your clients. This traffic can ultimately lead to sales.

Always include a strong description of your business in your social media accounts. Use keywords that pertain to your services. Provide users with a URL that links back to your website.

The following are just a few key points to also consider when examining your business’s social media usage:

  • Social media can expand your brand awareness to help you compete with competitors. Brand awareness can help find your audience, build credibility and authority, create conversations with customers, help find your current and prospective customers, share visuals, and help build an overall stronger brand for your business.
  • Your business’s SEO will also be improved by social media. By adapting to social media, you’ll make it that much more simple for customers to reach your business online. A simple Google search of your business could lead to viewers finding links directly to your social media hubs. It also always helps to keep building a stronger presence on the web for your business.
  • Social media can also be a logical way for your business to boast testimonials. If social media users start a conversation about their positive experiences with your business, you can implement those conversations on your website or even share that material on social media. This could be seen as user-generated content and makes marketing that much simpler.
  • By being active on social media, your business can also be more personal for customers. Show off your business by personally interacting with social media users and humanize your brand.
  • You can even place advertisements for your business on social media. Facebook Ads, for example, are constantly seen through a user’s newsfeed stream.